Minecraft Multishot enchantment advice

12. 07. 2022

Minecraft Multishot enchantment advice

Minecraft has many additional mechanics that can be used to enhance its already enjoyable gameplay. The game's core mechanics are exploration, building, crafting and combat. Each one is tailored to each player.

The mechanics discussed above cover many aspects of gameplay. However, one focuses specifically on strengthening the user's gear and other items. This is called enchanting.

This is used to infuse gamers' tools, weapons, armor, books, or other items with attributes that enhance or strengthen their existing aspects. To apply different enchantments on any item they place inside the table, an enchanting table is required.

In order to perform enchanting, you will need specific amounts of Lapis Lazuli as well as certain levels of experience. Multishot is an interesting enchantment.

Multishot Enchantment in Minecraft - Everything you need to know

Multishot is a specialized enchantment for crossbows in Minecraft. This enchantment allows players to fire three arrows in place of the default one. This gives the arrows a wider range of impact.

A crossbow with this enchantment can shoot three arrows but only one is eaten from the player's inventory. Firework rockets can be used instead of regular arrows by Minecrafters.

The Multishot enchantment imbues a crossbow with the ability to shoot its three arrows at approximately 10 degrees from one another. Only one of the three arrows, the central one, can be taken back and placed in the player's inventory.

Although the multishot enchantment is great for combat, there's a problem with the game's mechanics that makes it not work as well. A game mechanic called damage immunity means that any mob receiving the crossbow's three-shot attack will only take one arrow worth of damage.

Multishot makes a crossbow equipped with Multishot more effective in clearing out hoards of enemies.

Damage immunity

In the form of injured mobs turning red after being damaged, damage immunity is at work. This gives the mob damage immunity for a half second. All other damage sources are either reflected or rendered ineligible during this time.


The Multishot enchantment is also less credible in Minecraft because it can be applied to crossbows, making them consume three times as much durability than crossbows that are not enchanted with multishot. If gamers repeatedly use the Multishot enchantment, it can quickly run out of durability.

Enchantments can be used to improve the gameplay of Minecraft and add new capabilities to its weapons and gear pieces. Multishot is one of the three weapon-specific enchantments that a crossbow could be enchanted using. The two other enchantments are quick charge or piercing.