How to survive an encounter with a creeper in Minecraft

The most terrifying mob in Minecraft is the Creeper. They can also explode, causing havoc for players and their build. Players can be cautious and protect themselves against these exploding mobs if they are careful.

Creepers are one the oldest mobs of the game. They were created long before the official release. These creatures are notorious for their ability to destroy millions of players' houses and sneak up on them.

Hit and run

Players will need to fight the mob if they have a direct encounter. To defeat them, you must hit them once and then run from them. The explosion will stop if players run away. You can repeat this process several times to kill them all and get gunpowder or XP points.

Use shields

Shields are a great help in combat situations, such as surviving an explosion. These mobs are sneaky and don't make any noise while walking towards the player. Players can block most of the explosion by using their shields if they are caught guard.

Blocks can be placed in front

Players can store strong blocks in their hotbar to reduce the impact of the blast if they are quick enough. Strong blocks like stone, obsidian, deepslate etc. If placed in front of players, they can protect them from all damage.

Pet a cat

These strange creatures are immune to sunlight and other mobs, except cats. They are afraid of cats and won't allow themselves to be near them. To prevent mobs from sneaking up on players, they can have a pet cat in their buildings or with them.