13 Medieval House Design

02. 04. 2023

13 Medieval House Design

The obvious choice when it comes to choosing an aesthetic for Minecraft towns is medieval. A medieval look works well with the many types of blocks Minecraft offers and the ease they are to collect.

It can be difficult to come up with different house ideas. New players will be looking for house designs that go beyond simple boxes of stone and wood. The Minecraft community is large and welcoming, with many fresh ideas for players to get inspired.

The 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update will literally change Minecraft's landscape. Players will be hungry for realistic medieval designs to populate new sprawling plains and unforgiving mountain lands.

13 Simple and Clean

Because they are easily compatible with the buildings of the day, basic wood and stone are the best materials for this style. This design shows how to mix them properly.

The stone base provides a solid foundation for the basic materials and doesn't overwhelm the design by boring grey. As it moves upwards, the wood takes control of the design, mixing light and shadow to allow the framework to complement the walls. You can choose to have the roof made of bricks or lighter wood. Both styles retain their original style and maintain a strong sense for color.

12 Well Underway

Wells are simple objects but can be difficult to make look nice. Minecraft's NPC villages show this clearly. There are two reasons for this. One, wells are round in tradition, which Minecraft isn't equipped for. They are also very small, making it difficult to get any detail in such small buildings.

This design makes the most of a 3-by-3 design by using a variety of small and thin block sizes. The base is the only block that is not a complete block. All other elements use walls, fences and half-slabs. Trapdoors are used to keep everything at a good size without making it seem bulky or strange. For those who desire something more substantial, this design can be easily scaled up.

11 Minutes to Go To Church

The church is often the largest and most grandiose building in any medieval town, aside from the castle. It is the only place where everyone lives. It must be large and beautiful from the outside and inside.

This design does that brilliantly by filling every nook with texture and detail. It's primarily made of grey blocks but the brown highlights of the wood keep it exciting. Even plain-grey surfaces are broken down with in-dents or pillars so that the design doesn't become boring. The best part is that the techniques are simple and require only a few steps and half-slabs to be placed in the right order. This means that anyone can do them with a little bit of knowledge.

10 Small and Stylish Items

This house is a basic example of many of Minecraft's techniques for creating medieval buildings. This style is characterized by its white walls, which can be made with concrete or Terracotta, and dark wooden highlights.

It's also a great introduction to one the most difficult aspects of these buildings, namely the rooves. It's easy to build a set of stairs that connects at the middle from each side. However, this building is a simple example showing how to combine stairs and regular blocks to create something more interesting. This design will require Nether wood, but it should not be a problem for players in the middle-game.

9 A House Fit For An Ealdorman

The same design principles are used in this house, but they are a bit larger and more complex for a grander design. This house design is ideal for high-status areas of a town that are away from the peasantry or general population.

Stone Bricks are used instead of White Concrete. The wooden logs are used to give the structure an outside scaffolding that was common in those buildings around that time. Also, fencing is more efficient than using glass for windows, since glass was an expensive commodity.

8 Blacksmith's House

A blacksmith is an essential part of any commercial building that will be built around a medieval town. Blacksmiths were not as common in towns as the media would have you believe. They often lived and worked at the local barracks/castle. It wouldn't feel right if there wasn't a friendly bearded man standing by his house and hitting some heated metal with the hammer.

This design uses the white-and-wood technique to build the building, but adds a stone tier to the bottom. This suggests that the bottom floor could be the shop of a blacksmith, while the top floor is their home. The outside area also shows how many of the game's workbenches could be used for decorative purposes. This design allows players to add mods to make it even more complex.

7 Noble Houses

This design takes the techniques shown and makes them bolder and more interesting. This design will require a lot more Terracotta to make the roof and walls, but it will be worth it when the house looks this beautiful.

The house has different sections that stick out from the main one, which shows how irregular shapes can make for more interesting buildings. Lecterns can be used as posts around the edges to make utility blocks.

6 Farmhouses

Everyone needs to eat, no matter how big or small they are, rich or poor. Another option for buildings in a medieval town is a farmhouse. This one is quite humble. Although this house is simple to build, it packs a lot of detail. Players who want to learn how to add more detail to larger builds can find it useful.

Although the farm is small, the house could easily be built in the middle of a large field. The house's basic design makes it easy to scale up, making it versatile. The whole thing could run on autopilot if you add some Villagers.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Texture

This house is another example of the traditional medieval house techniques. However, it uses stone as the outer scaffolding instead of wood. This house has unusual colors, but the sandstone gives it a unique feel.

This house also shows how impressive different Resource Packs can look when creating the right look for buildings. John Smith Legacy is the pack used in this picture, but there are many other packs available for medieval looks that might be even more realistic.

4 Things A Little Different

Although most medieval buildings are based on realism, this doesn't mean that they have to be. Many fantasy worlds are set in medieval settings, so players might want to look for medieval buildings with a more unique design.

This is one example of such a building. It uses all the techniques that medieval builders are well-versed in, but creates a unique building. These towers could be home to an old sorcerer, or a strange hermit who lives away from the rest.

3 A Wall Of Houses

This unique design can be found in select locations throughout Europe. This row of houses, or one large house, acts as a bit like a wall. The gap in the middle leads to somewhere.

Although it is unlikely that these walls would be used as town walls, they could make a stylish entrance to a plaza with lots of houses and a market in its middle. This could also be the front wall for a larger building, with the hole in its middle being the entrance.

2 Nights Stay at The Inn

A place where tourists can have a drink, eat well, and rest their heads is essential for every town. This Inn will provide all these services.

This is a complex design that combines almost all the techniques and creates an impressive building. A Resource Pack adds texture to the roof and white walls, and intricate detailing on the front. There are also a few modified blocks included. This one will test your building skills.

1 A Mansion Big Enough To Support A Village

This is the ultimate challenge for players with more resources than they can use. This building is over 100x100x100 blocks in size and will take some time to complete. However, it will be an amazing sight once it is completed. This is only one of many large buildings.

Although it isn't the most complicated design, the detail on the front-facing walls and the way that all the extensions lock together are stunning. The interior design is the most difficult part of this building. It could be large and open or it could be a maze to navigate. Players may need a larger PC to appreciate it fully.